Episode 10


Episode 10: Frequently Asked Questions

On the 10th episode of the AVS podcast, host Missa Gallivan interviews ten Alpine Valley School graduates from all over the world about their experiences at school. Together, these graduates answer the most frequently asked questions we receive on a regular basis. How do AVS students go on to college? What sorts of activities do students do at school all day? And how do kids deal with boredom? Find out the answers to these queries and more on this very special episode!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How are AVS students successful in college if they aren’t used to a classroom environment?
  2. What sorts of careers can AVS graduates expect to have given their education?
  3. If you let students choose what to do all day long, won’t they choose activities that aren’t beneficial to them?
  4. How do AVS students benefit from the time spent on computers, or gaming?
  5. Don’t students at AVS get bored? And if so, what do they do about it?

Guests on this episode: Aubrey Suter, Andreas Suter, Amy James, Vanessa Reich-Shackelford, Brandon Murphy, Ethan Welshon, Jaime Moore-McNear, Xander Alford, Josh Mann, Bronwen Abbatista

Youtube link: https://youtu.be/gjUq-o0IFTM