Learning to Write

What we've been reading, watching, and thinking about at Alpine Valley School this week.

The Alpine Valley School podcast is back with an ALL NEW episode! We’re continuing our “core skills” series (which we started with Learning to Read) by discussing how students at a self-directed democratic school learn the essential skill of writing. We’re joined on this episode by AVS graduates Jesse and Vanessa who talk about how the extensive communication they engaged in at school translated into their adult lives as interesting communication careers.


We came across this cartoon this week, which made us 😢, but is unfortunately an accurate depiction of the direction mainstream education is moving. It's unfortunate that physical education and an interest in the arts is no longer considered "learning" at most schools. Fortunately, that's not the case at Alpine Valley School - we allow students to pursue whatever actives they value, which includes a wide variety of interests.

For direct testimonials, we turn to one of our own parents, who wrote us this awesome review on Facebook:


We love to see students thriving and becoming themselves, and it's always a wonderful feeling when parents let us know that they see it too.

A parent from the Open School (a sister school in California) also shared his own inspiring quote on social media this week:


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Marc Gallivan