Forget What You Know About Education

Forget What You Know About Education

What we've been reading, watching, and thinking about at Alpine Valley School this week. 

Wise words from A.S. Neill...
(and our #1 Facebook post of all time!) 

The world around us is changing. Acceptance into college and employment after graduation are no longer a given. Artificial Intelligence and automation are creating a seismic changes in the workplace landscape. And education needs to change with it. A one-size-fits-all educational program is not appropriate for this moment in history - we need people who know themselves and embrace their passions, and who work within constraints with creativity. Alpine Valley School is embracing the modern world and helping young people find their way by crafting their own  educationIt doesn't look like what you're used to, but we know it works. How? We have decades of experience and many graduates that have gone on to live happy, productive, fulfilling lives. You can hear their stories on our podcast...

Children are hungry for knowledge and experiences, the best we can do is support them and try not to let all of our good intentions get in their way...

...Speaking of which, here's an article we found about "Lazy Parenting" that speaks to exactly that dynamic. A quote from the article: "In other words, they got out of the damn way and let their children do things by themselves. Which, quite frankly, isn’t that what parenting is supposed to be?" 

This week we're INSPIRED by Jersey Shore Free School, who shared this awesome quote - we couldn't agree more! Education needs to get, and keep, its priorities straight! We believe we are on the right track to doing just that. 

This week we also found an awesome blog post from the mother ship - Sudbury Valley School in MA - about what makes self-directed democratic culture so unique? It's called Portrait of a Culture and well worth a few minutes of your time. We feel that everything they outline about SVS applies equally to AVS! 

It may be summer 🌞, but we are still giving tours of our campus! Schedule your individual tour at a time convenient for you via our website. Or join us for our summer Open House (details below). If you're looking for something different, we are here to help however we can on your journey. 

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